How do I add a website to the homescreen of my phone?

iPhones / iPads Android phones, quite a few Nokia’s and some BlackBerry’s have to ability to add web apps to the homescreen.

Since what you are creating here at is exactly a “web app”, you can add it to your homescreen in a few easy steps.

iPhone / iPad
For iPhones it is really easy: when you are browsing your mobile website with Safari tap on the arrow right in the middle of the bottom bar. This will bring up a menu where you will find a “Add to homescreen” button. Click it – and that’s it!

For Android the process is:

  1. Bookmark the page you want to add to a Home screen
  2. Open the browser “bookmarks” screen
  3. Long-press the bookmark you want
  4. Select “Add to Home screen”

For BlackBerry’s you can find instructions here:

To add a bookmark to Nokia’s homescreen follow these instructions:

  1. in Web, go to and bookmark your website
  2. press the home button
  3. click ‘Options | Edit home screen’
  4. arrange the homescreen such that you have two blank slots at the top
  5. tap on the + sign (in the top widget space)
  6. pick ‘Shortcuts’ from the list of widgets
  7. tap on the new widget (shown as a row of icons)
  8. go to ‘Settings’ in the popup menu
  9. for each shortcut ‘slot’, tap on it and then on ‘Bookmark’ and then on the specific Web bookmark you want the shortcut to go to

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