How do I create a new mobile website on

The whole idea idea of our site is to make easy, effective and cheap building mobile websites.

The way this works is that you create a new site from your control panel and then you add pages. You can add different types of pages (this is what we sometimes call “widgets”) like a free-text page, an RSS list, a pictures gallery and so on.

So basically the steps to create your mobile website are:

  1. Register
  2. Choose your template (start here)
  3. Choose your plan (you can build it for free)
  4. Give your site a name and a structure
  5. Start adding pages to the site

The tool for managing your mobile website and create new pages is split in 3 columns:

  1. In the first one you do stuff: see the list of current pages, add new pages, edit their content
  2. In the second one (the one in the middle) you see a preview of what your site will look like on many different mobile phones and devices
  3. In the third one (the one at the right) you have a set of tool and info like the QR Code of your site and buttons to share it and see it online

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